Month: September 2018

Pay Protocol Signs Partnership with Japan’s 3PRO

Pay Protocol’s online and offline payment services are expected to create a synergy through global partnerships. Pay Protocol has recently partnered with 3PRO, a Japanese system provider that records 11.4 billion yen in annual sales, […]

Pay Protocol Enables Offline Cryptocurrency Payments

Pay Protocol is an innovative payment service based on blockchain and is attracting local industry’s attention. With the blockchain boom in recent years, a variety of attempts were made to simplify the supply chain by […]

Pay Protocol Attends “Consensus Singapore 2018”

Pay Protocol’s attendance to “Consensus Singapore 2018” is attracting global attention. The Pay Protocol Team was able to successfully attend this conference, thanks to the support of Pay Protocol’s Parent company “Danal”. Danal, which is worth […]

Pay Protocol Attends the Biggest Blockchain Conference in South Korea, ‘Huobi Carnival’

Pay Protocol has attracted much attention in the industry by participating in various blockchain conferences, including Huobi Carnival. Pay Protocol is a recent subsidiary of Danal, a South Korean payments company that holds a $5 […]

Danal Enters Blockchain Field, Establishes Subsidiary Company “Pay Protocol”

Today’s society enjoys the benefits of mobile innovation. Mobile innovation also applies to financial services, making it easy to use payment services through mobile devices, including tablet PCs and cell phones. However, mobile authentication, a […]

USA 2018 Award of Innovation Award by Institute of Knowledge Economy “Mobile Authentication Security Problem”

We are facing a revolutionary change in the mobile industry. Since this shift of technology has changed our daily lives, electronic devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs have become inextricable from everyday activities, and […]

Introduction to Pay Protocol

“Pay Protocol” aims to simplify cryptocurrency payments. Centralized payment systems are burdened with intermediary fees while contemporary crypto-payments requires high level of technicality. Which is why Pay Protocol has partnered with “Danal” one of the […]