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Pay Protocol, Leading The Payment Trend In The Expanding Blockchain Market

PayProtocol has established itself as a leader of payment trends in the ever-expanding blockchain market. Pay Protocol provides an innovative decentralized payment platform, tackling the loopholes in the centralized payment system and attracting the industry’s […]

Pay Protocol Resolves Volatility By Handling Diverse Cryptocurrencies

One of the outcomes of Pay Protocol’s system is deemed to be providing a solution to cryptocurrency’s volatility, namely by handling various currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other projects’ tokens and stable […]

Pay Protocol Offers Solution For Centralized Payment System

Pay Protocol has received much attention in the blockchain industry, providing a solution to the problems of a centralized payment system. The Federal Reserve (Fed), the central bank of the United States, has expanded its […]

PayProtocol Builds Infrastructure Through Partnership with Dal.komm Coffee

PayProtocol signed a partnership with South Korea’s coffee franchise Dal.komm Coffee. Pay Protocol is a subsidiary of Danal, a domestic payments company. Why is Pay Protocol attracting attention, amidst the countless number of blockchain projects […]

Pay Protocol Partners with GIFTO

Pay Protocol has partnered with GIFTO, a social platform that is expanding rapidly in the global market. Pay Protocol is a subsidiary of Danal, a global provider of various payment services, and has recently demonstrated […]

Pay Protocol displays synergy through the Upbit Developer Conference

Pay Protocol’s team attended the world’s first blockchain conference for developers, the Upbit Developer Conference 2018 (UDC), demonstrating remarkable teamwork by sharing technology and information with other blockchain companies. Pay Protocol is a subsidiary established […]

Pay Protocol expands partnership after attending “Consensus Singapore”

Pay Protocol continued to successfully form partnerships at Consensus: Singapore 2018. The company is a subsidiary of Danal, which is a South Korean payments business that has gone global with their 20 years of experience […]

Maximizing Pay Protocol’s Synergy with Industry Partners at the Global Blockchain Summit

Pay Protocol recently joined other blockchain projects and leaders at the Global Blockchain Summit and demonstrated synergies with the world’s leading industry experts. Pay Protocol is a subsidiary and the latest blockchain project of Danal, a […]

Pay Protocol attends Global Blockchain Summit

Pay Protocol participated in the Global Blockchain Summit, one of Asia’s largest blockchain events. The company has attracted much attention by offering an efficient value proposition to both users and merchants. Pay Protocol’s cryptocurrency payments […]

Pay Protocol at Blockchain Accelerate Conference in Korea

Pay Protocol attended the Blockchain Accelerate Conference 2018 this year in Seoul. Pay Protocol is a blockchain project supported by Danal, a payments company currently processing over $5 billion US dollars in South Korea’s mobile […]