Pay Protocol has partnered with GIFTO, a social platform that is expanding rapidly in the global market. Pay Protocol is a subsidiary of Danal, a global provider of various payment services, and has recently demonstrated synergies with a number of global companies in the blockchain field. The company has especially received attention for their proposed solution to the problems of existing payment services and limitations of cryptocurrency that are yet to be resolved today.

Pay Protocol reduces the number of payment processors involved in the steps and directly connects the users and merchants. Not only is this simple and convenient inside out, but it also significantly lowers transaction fees and increases the number of transactions processed at a given time. In addition, the platform supports diverse cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), and allows fiat trading as well. Danal, the parent company, is fully supporting the project, providing its network of merchants, industry expertise, and innovative technologies that have been in operation for over 20 years.

Pay Protocol has recently partnered with GIFTO, a blockchain project of AIG (Asia Innovations Group Ltd.). Founded in 2013, AIG is a global leadership group that has received more than 40 million dollars from global and angel investors. With offices in Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, AIG proved to be a fast-growing start-up when it reached an annual sales of approximately 150 billion Korean won by 2017. AIG is well-positioned to be one of the premier broadcasting platforms in the global market, with five of its mobile services being used by more than 100 million users worldwide.

GIFTO has achieved remarkable results the past year and is attracting much attention in the blockchain industry. GIFTO is listed on Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and has partnered with Binance, Kyber Network, and Tron. Last December, its public sale finished in just one minute, recording the shortest sales period in Asia. Moreover, one of the world’s best streaming apps developed by AIG, Uplive, has also expanded its influence when its content creators used GIFTO to receive gifts from millions of followers. Crypto enthusiasts are also paying close attention to the GIFTO project’s advisors, which include Justin Sun, founder of Tron, Jae Kim of, and Tom Duterme, who is in charge of development at Youtube.

GIFTO is a virtual gift-giving protocol for content creators. Through the use of smart contracts, it is changing the way gifts are sent. The protocol facilitates fun and customizable virtual gifts that can be equipped to social and content platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. GIFTO is strengthening the link between content creators and fans by achieving a decentralized, user-driven model that rewards high-quality contents. The GIFTO Protocol consists of smart gifts, Gift Store where fans can buy Gifts for content creators, Gift Inventory, ERC20-based GIFTO Tokens to purchase Gifts and make exchanges, GIFTO Wallet, and a gift management system called Gift Portal.

With Danal’s 20 years of experience, excellent industry knowledge, and strong merchant network, and GIFTO, one of the fastest growing blockchain projects, Pay Protocol is making rapid progress. Cooperation between Pay Protocol and GIFTO is expected to greatly help both companies’ influence to expand in the global market. Pay Protocol and GIFTO, with their unique and strong presence in the blockchain industry, are attracting much attention from industry leaders.

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