Pay Protocol’s team attended the world’s first blockchain conference for developers, the Upbit Developer Conference 2018 (UDC), demonstrating remarkable teamwork by sharing technology and information with other blockchain companies. Pay Protocol is a subsidiary established specifically in the blockchain industry by Danal, a domestic payments company in Korea. The Pay Protocol project provides solutions not only to many problems in existing payment platforms, but also to the problems faced by current cryptocurrency projects, grabbing the industry’s attention since the second half of the year.

Going to the UDC last month gave Pay Protocol the opportunity to share technological insights and expertise with both local and overseas companies. The conference was held from September 13th to 14th at Jeju International Convention Center (ICC JEJU) through the sponsorship of Dunamu Inc., a company that runs one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea, Upbit. “Proof of Developer” was the event’s slogan, and the meeting was aimed at creating a forum for developers to freely discuss and share knowledge about the blockchain technology. The conference hosted speakers including Bill Shihara, co-founder and CEO of Bittrex, Edward Greve, CTO at IOTA, NEO founder Da Hongfei, and Dunamu’s CEO Sirgoo Lee. In addition to communicating with the world’s top developers, Pay Protocol was able to introduce its project to other blockchain experts and fans as well.

On the first day of the conference, Chi-Hyung Song, chairman of Dunamu Inc.’s board of directors, offered a practical plan to revitalize and popularize the blockchain ecosystem in his speech “Blockchain-Shaping the Future of Everything.” Through this, Pay Protocol was able to understand the current status as well as the future direction of blockchain. For the team, Upbit’s transformation to a transparent and secure exchange was a positive and practical example of what their own payment project should develop into. In her speech “Oasis: Privacy-preserving Smart Contracts at Scale,” Dawn Song from Oasis Labs said that it is possible to solve the ever-growing security and privacy issues using blockchain-based smart contracts. Pay Protocol’s team had the opportunity to think of different ways to enhance their platform’s security, sharing thoughts with experts from different companies at the conference. In particular, the special meetup held afterward gave the team more time to have discussions with many prominent blockchain companies and experts.

The next day, Bill Shihara presented the future direction of blockchain with his speech “Driving Blockchain Innovation Globally.” Through the speech “Blockchain and Smart Economy,” Da Hongfei emphasized that the popularization of blockchain is soon to come, encouraging Pay Protocol to improvise their long-term goals. In the special meetup session and Upbit’s blockchain idea contest that followed, Pay Protocol not only had a heated debate with domestic and foreign blockchain companies, but also presented their blockchain technology.

Through the conference, members at Pay Protocol were able to take a peek at the latest blockchain trend and utilize the information to complement their future development work. Not only that, by actively participating in various sessions and meetups held in and out of Korea, Pay Protocol had the privilege of sharing ideas with reputable blockchain developers around the world and introducing their project. The UDC was an important stepping stone for Pay Protocol’s developers to enter the minds of global leaders, providing a valuable experience of having in-depth discussions with the world’s top blockchain companies. Pay Protocol had the chance to form new partnerships and made another step forward in creating a convenient and user-friendly platform. Along with Consensus: Singapore 2018, Global Blockchain Summit, and other excellent conferences held this year, Pay Protocol is expected to make rapid growth in the industry.
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