Pay Protocol continued to successfully form partnerships at Consensus: Singapore 2018. The company is a subsidiary of Danal, which is a South Korean payments business that has gone global with their 20 years of experience and industry knowledge. The services that set Pay Protocol apart from other blockchain projects helped the platform receive considerable attention. Pay Protocol provides a solution that overcomes the structural limitations of existing payments as well as the obstacles faced by current cryptocurrency projects. It is an end-to-end crypto payment platform that directly connects customers and merchants.

Pay Protocol’s team attended Consensus: Singapore last month, communicating and forming new partnerships with global blockchain companies. The grand meetup was hosted by CoinDeskand TechXLR8 Asia at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center from September 19 to 20. Over 8,000 attendees, 75 speakers, and 50 sponsors were present, and the event provided fruitful networking opportunities which will help businesses follow the rapid changes in the industry’s trends.

Many prominent blockchain experts were present at the conference including CEO Tim Byun of OKCoin USA Inc., Ian Allison of CoinDesk, and NEO founder Da Hongfei. Speeches were shared to gain a deeper understanding of the current status and trends of the blockchain industry. On the first day, Nolan Bauerle, senior researcher at CoinDesk, explained the current standing of blockchain and cryptocurrency with the “State of Blockchain,” giving Pay Protocol helpful insights. On the same day, a discussion was held regarding the blockchain infrastructure of three platforms: Thunderchain by Xunlei, Nexledger by Samsung SDS, and a new blockchain network by MUFG and Akamai. Panel members included Seung-Jai Min of Samsung SDS and Makoto Niimura, CTO of Akamai Japan. Developers at Pay Protocol were able to contemplate on blockchain’s rapid growth and the Pay Protocol platform through this opportunity.

Second day of Consensus: Singapore called David Chaum to the stage. The “Father of Cryptocurrency” introduced Elixxir, a new payment and messaging project. In particular, Pay Protocol actively added to the discussion by comparing the past and future of the crypto market and sharing insights on the industry. The team also responded to “Snapshot of South Korea’s Blockchain Ecosystem,” a panel discussion among Erica Kang of Krypto Seoul, and Shinjae Yoo of CoinDesk Korea. The event paved way for Pay Protocol’s global recognition.

Pay Protocol’s team spent time understanding the current state and future prospects of the blockchain industry with representatives and experts from the world’s leading blockchain companies, while introducing their project as well. The event offered Networking Break, allowing its participants time to interact with diverse companies and experts. Pay Protocol took the opportunity to meet new partners and progress as a blockchain platform provider. The team has also attended other blockchain events such as Blockchain Partners Summit 2018 and Global Blockchain Summit, discussing partnerships with companies across the globe.

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