Pay Protocol recently joined other blockchain projects and leaders at the Global Blockchain Summit and demonstrated synergies with the world’s leading industry experts. Pay Protocol is a subsidiary and the latest blockchain project of Danal, a South Korean payment gateway that has a presence in the global market including the US and Europe. As the number of blockchain projects and companies is continuing to rise, Pay Protocol is receiving much attention and anticipation from the industry for closely pointing out and offering solutions to the problems of our existing payment system. The billing process in the traditional payment system is unnecessarily complicated and slow, and fees are costly due to intermediary processors. Pay Protocol provides solutions to the big payments problems that have yet to be cracked despite the remarkable growth of the digital economy.

Pay Protocol participated in the Global Blockchain Summit, which celebrated its 4th anniversary this year, to share in-depth discussions and insights with leading blockchain companies. The summit was hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs in Shanghai, China from September 7 to 12. It brought together world-class industry players including Vitalik Buterin, the chief scientist of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and co-founder of Ethereum, Li Lihui, former president of the Bank of China, CEO David Bailey of BTC Media, and Jihan Wu, co-founder and CEO of Bitmain. Pay Protocol actively introduced its project to the audience and entered heated discussions on blockchain industry trends with enthusiastic experts.

Global representatives from various industries were invited to share ideas and opinions on blockchain solutions and their true value at the summit. On the first day of the event, Li Lihui delivered a speech on “various paths of blockchain development” and Vitalik Buterin also contributed with a topic on the “new development of the blockchain technology.” Jihan Wu spoke of the “history of blockchain 10 years from now,” adding a valuable opportunity to deeply understand the development and direction of blockchain. The next day, a variety of speeches on topics such as the current standing of blockchain in commercialization, use cases and opportunity windows in Japan, and personal information protection.

The Global Blockchain Summit provided Pay Protocol with a perfect opportunity to follow recent trends and inform the industry’s experts and companies of the project. Pay Protocol has already successfully participated in a variety of conferences, including the Blockchain Partners Summit 2018, and has relationships with a number of partners to help promote Pay Protocol worldwide.

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