Pay Protocol attended the Blockchain Accelerate Conference 2018 this year in Seoul. Pay Protocol is a blockchain project supported by Danal, a payments company currently processing over $5 billion US dollars in South Korea’s mobile market. As a subsidiary of Danal, Pay Protocol plans to take advantage of the parent company’s broad network and large amount of resources accumulated from 20 years of industry experience. The platform will provide solutions to both the problems of existing payment systems and cryptocurrency projects, and offer an innovative payment service that efficiently caters to users’ needs.

Pay Protocol provides an excellent merchant management system. By leveraging their payment expertise and merchant network, the company sets out a unique management tool that tackles the inconveniences merchants tend to face when utilizing payment services. Pay Protocol is especially helpful to merchants lacking technical resources, as the management tool is built upon simplicity and low cost. It is designed to allow merchants to apply affordable promotions anytime. Pay Protocol is also building an elaborate online and offline cryptocurrency platform by integrating highly customizable payment solutions that Danal is providing to over 180,000 online malls and retail stores in 8 countries.

This past July, Pay Protocol attended the Blockchain Accelerate Conference in Seoul, held at the COEX Auditorium by Block Square. CEO Lee JoonHee of Block Square spoke in excitement that the conference will serve as a bridge between global blockchain start-ups, institutions, venture capitalists, and incubators, and contribute to the industry’s movement to building a sound blockchain ecosystem. Renown businesses including Chain Partners, Hashed, and Foundation X joined the conference and gathered much attention. Chain Partners is South Korea’s leading blockchain company led by CEO Charles Pyo, Hashed has generated over 250 billion won in revenue, and Foundation X is a subsidiary of Kakao. SparkLabs, a powerful blockchain accelerator, was also present at the event.

The conference held discussions on the present and future of blockchain incubation in South Korea, introducing the thoughts of the nation’s leading accelerators. The main program included pitches from Cloudbric, Liter, TTC, CosmoChain, LYZE and ICE. Jay Hwang of Foundation X remarked that the company’s role is to connect reality and blockchain. Ethan Kim, CTO of Hashed, insisted that “real business” should be the investment principle and presented a realistic business model. With about 1,000 attendees, South Korea’s top blockchain accelerators introduced their management strategies and philosophy and shared in-depth discussions on the value and limitations of blockchain. Various companies and blockchain enthusiasts helped the event become a success.

Pay Protocol also shared its project at the conference, and joined the discussion with accelerators regarding the coming future of the industry. Pay Protocol is expected to show remarkable growth and advancement along with its strategic partners. The project was also seen at 2018 Blockchain Partners Summit, and is scheduled to attend more conferences and meetups of the like to seek partnership opportunities with businesses worldwide.

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