Pay Protocol’s attendance to “Consensus Singapore 2018” is attracting global attention. The Pay Protocol Team was able to successfully attend this conference, thanks to the support of Pay Protocol’s Parent company “Danal”. Danal, which is worth $5 billion in South Korea’s mobile payment service industry, has also recently entered the blockchain industry.

Building upon Danal’s expansive 20 year fintech experience, Pay Protocol is primed to Pay Protocol aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency payment market. Pay Protocol and Danalaim to solve contemporary payment issues such as complicated brokerage processes, exceedingly high fees, and intermittently delayed payments. Pay Protocol aims to provide a simpler and more convenient payment service built upon a decentralized network, which will connect both consumers and merchants alike on a blockchain enabled ecommerce platform.

Pay Protocol technology reduces the excessive intermediary costs that occur between users and vendors due to the reliance of centralized payment brokerage processes. In order to proliferate the widespread usage of the Pay Protocol Platform, an easy-to-use integrated toolkit suitable for retail and ecommerce environments will be provided. Additionally, all payment channels are connected through a single solution increasing overall accessibility.

Another advantage is that multiple cryptocurrencies are available in the Pay Protocol. When consumers and sellers make payments and receive payments, they can make full use of any currency they want such as cryptocurrencies(BTC/ETH/XRP) and fiat currency(USD/EUR/JYP/KRW). In particular, consumers can even use the native “PAY Token” that is integrated into the Pay Protocol, which is coincidingly attracting the attention of the blockchain-industry.

Pay Protocol aims to reinvent the payment space, which is why the Pay Protocol Team is attending the Consensus Singapore to present their vision and connect with key partners. Pay Protocol will attend the “Consensus Singapore 2018” which will be held between September 19th and 20th at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Consensus Singapore will reportedly have more than 8,000 participants including the world’s top blockchain experts.

Consensus Singapore’s host CoinDesk: Blockchain News Media was pleased to join this conference through “TechXLR8 Asia” connection.

Organizers of this conference believe that Singapore will be the answer to the growing demand for specialized content and improved networking opportunities to meet the needs of the global market. In addition, more than 75 speakers and 50 sponsors will participate to provide meaningful insights, industry announcements, and cross-industrial networking opportunities. OKCoin, Tim Byun, PCHAIN founder Feng Cao, MixxChain founder David Chaum.

Consensus Singapore 2018 consists of a variety of sessions, including ‘State of the Blockchain’, ‘How Value Transfer on the Blockchain Evolved’, ‘The Future of Cryptography and Asian Markets’, and ‘Snapshot of the Korean Blockchain Ecosystem’. Consensus Singapore also will cover a wide range of topics including games, drones, live streaming, cryptography, blockchain, ICO, and smart contracts. The conference will have in-depth conversations with the big shots of the blockchain industry and offer a variety of opportunities to form a network between many companies and industries.

Pay Protocol is expected to participate in Consensus Singapore 2018 following the conference “Huobi Carnival,” which was held last month. Along with countless industry experts and more than 8,000 participants around the world, Pay Protocol will seek various opportunities in the blockchain industry in the global market and form partnerships with various blockchain related companies. As many networking opportunities are offered at the Conferences Singapore 2018 which is the world’s top blockchain, the Pay Protocol will shine at Consensus Singapore.

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