Pay Protocol has attracted much attention in the industry by participating in various blockchain conferences, including Huobi Carnival. Pay Protocol is a recent subsidiary of Danal, a South Korean payments company that holds a $5 billion market share in domestic mobile payments. Danal is aggressively supporting Pay Protocol with their years of experience in payments and patented technology. Pay Protocol is a simple and convenient cryptocurrency payment platform that can be used for e-commerce and retail businesses. It’s aiming to be the world’s most feasible end-to-end crypto payment solution, addressing the disadvantages of traditional payment systems including excessive intermediary processes, high fees, and slow settlement cycles.

Users can make payments in cryptocurrency for both online and offline purchases through Pay Protocol. Just by using the platform, they can receive token rewards and have access to cheaper deals offered by Pay Protocol’s merchants. Both cryptocurrency and fiat money can be traded via the platform, and through various promotions such as discounts, installment payments, coupons, and more, merchants will be able to get the most out of their business while keeping the service fee low. Pay Protocol’s ecosystem generates and periodically distributes new tokens and provides real-time settlement to merchants.

Just last month from the second to the third, Huobi Korea, one of the three largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, hosted Huobi Carnival 2018. The event was organized by Blocknode Communications and attracted diverse experts in the field. The conference was divided into six sessions, focusing on subjects such as “decentralized upgrade,” “challenges the blockchain players face,” “how public chains lead to application services,” and “entering the money market.” The event successfully reached a high attendance rate of 91% through various programs and events including “Communication with Participants,” “Mining Experience,” “Interaction with Experts,” and “Blockchain Industry Analysis.”

At the conference, global blockchain experts and innovative projects aimed at decentralization attracted much attention. Industry giants such as Roger Ver of and Jihan Wu, founder of Bitmain, spoke of the impact that blockchain’s business structure had today. Jihan and Roger presented Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and “The Future of Digital Money,” respectively. World-class blockchain experts including Fang Yu of BitKan, Keda Che of Universal Labs, and Sangjin Hong of Chain Cabinet were also present. To go along with the event’s theme of “Dots, Colors, and New World,” teams with colorful concepts and innovations participated and presented their projects. Over 50 domestic and overseas blockchain projects were present including Pay Protocol, IoT Chain, BitAngle, and Pibble, participating in discussions and communicating with investors.

Pay Protocol’s team attended Huobi Carnival and joined discussions with leading blockchain experts, investors, and enthusiasts regarding the future development and direction of blockchain. The company is actively preparing for strategic partnership opportunities with other blockchain projects through various conferences and has scheduled to attend other upcoming conference and meetups both in and out of South Korea.

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