Today’s society enjoys the benefits of mobile innovation. Mobile innovation also applies to financial services, making it easy to use payment services through mobile devices, including tablet PCs and cell phones. However, mobile authentication, a step necessary to make payments, has led to security issues including personal information leaks, and demand for tighter security is increasing across the globe. As demand for a platform that solves this mobile authentication challenge grows, Danal is receiving much attention through its expansion in the global market.

Danal is a payments company providing various payment-related services such as mobile, credit card, and giftcard payments as well as identity verification service. Danal also provides transaction risk management services to financial institutions and major retailers, and reduces transaction time and failure rate by simplifying the mobile authentication process with automatic input patent technology. In addition, Danal’s technology, which determines whether the mobile device matches customer information, enhances security and prevents fraudulent transactions. In the US, Danal is working with global companies, including West Union and Bank Mobile, to provide solutions to the US Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations. In addition, to meet the urgent need to address data security in compliance with the recently introduced GDPR in Europe, Danal has partnered with O2, a major mobile operator in the UK, A2iA, a European certified company, and a number of other companies in Europe. Danal is showing active movement in Europe and North America as well as the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific markets, providing companies around the world with solutions to security issues revolving around customer authentication.

Furthermore, Danal is expanding its business into blockchain. As Danal’s new subsidiary, Pay Protocol combines Danal’s twenty-year experience in payments with blockchain technology. Pay Protocol is a simple and convenient crytocurrency payment platform for both e-commerce and retail businesses. Pay Protocol is able to leverage Danal’s knowledge in payments and relationships with merchants that have accumulated for over 20 years, and has the capacity to provide an effective management system based on transaction data. Pay Protocol’s platform provides an integrated merchant management system that allows merchants to easily manage transactions, apply promotions, and specify other payment policies. Through this system, merchants can use a single dashboard to manage their information and data, select promotions such as discounts and coupons, and even manage various policies.

Pay Protocol is a consumer-friendly platform that provides multiple digital currency settlement options both online and offline, and provides a familiar payment experience for cryptocurrency payments. It offers merchants convenient payment integration, low fees, real-time payments, and a number of cryptocurrency-related payment services for retailers. A new ecosystem will be formed to generate and distribute tokens and allow real-time trading of cryptocurrencies, built on top of a vast network owned by Danal. Pay Protocol’s characteristics are accessibility, multiple cryptocurrencies, and merchant friendliness. The project is aimed at filling the gap between users and merchants. It also allows them to choose from a variety of digital currencies as well as fiat currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Not only that, but Pay Protocol also provides a merchant management system on its platform. As Danal, which has a network of over 100,000 partners and merchants across the globe, steps into the world of blockchain, we hope to see great performance from its subsidiary Pay Protocol.

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